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For over twenty-five years ZEE SYSTEMS, Inc. has been designing, manufacturing and supplying air conditioning components and systems for airborne and ground use in private, corporate, commercial, military and special/ public use aircraft and vehicles.

Innovation has been the key at ZEE SYSTEMS, Inc. from our very first project. We designed aviation’s first HFC-134a (R-134a) vapor cycle air conditioning components for commuter aircraft.

New Projects

Dassault Falcon 10
FAA-PMA approval has been issued for the SZ58-003-3 Compressor Drive Motor. This is a factory NEW replacement for the original Auxilec 1189. The new SZ58-003-3 Motor is a direct replacement. No other modifications are required. Order Kit Z22K58 for new mounting hardware.

Dassault Falcon 10
FAA approval has been granted for Revision 1 of S.T.C. SA4843SW. This revision allows the upgrade of the Falcon 10 Series air conditioning system to replace the R-12 freon and use R-134a refrigerant. The upgrade is performed in accordance with ZEE Systems, Inc. Service Bulletin 59-000-1 to S.T.C. SA4843SW. The components are available in Kit SZ59K-R134. S.T.C. SA4843SW must be installed on the aircraft for the conversion to the new refrigerant. Cost for the upgrade kit for aircraft already modified with the S.T.C. is $2,500.00 (USD). Cost for equipment for STC SA4843SW is $ $3,300.00 (USD).

Dassault Falcon 20
FAA has issued STC ST09940SC for AIR CONDITIONING in the Falcon 20. A joint venture between ELITE TURBINE MAINTANANCE of Addison, Texas and ZEE Systems, Inc. of San Antonio, Texas has developed a R-134a Vapor Cycle Air Conditioning and Heating system for the Falcon 20. This system is designed to supplement and operate independent of the Factory Air Cycle air conditioning system. This Air Conditioning (with optional Heating) system is approved for Ground and Flight operation. Addison Express hss developed the Installation and ZEE Systems, Inc. has designed and will manufacture the Components.The cost of the system with installation is about $400,000 less than adding an APU for air conditioning.

The first two installations are complete and FAA approval completed. Two installation options are available 1) Aircraft without any APU, and 2) Aircraft with APU. All installations are slated to be performed at the Addison Express FBO and maintenance facility on Addison Airport. Contact Ronny Hall of Addison Express @ 972-713-7707 or Kevin Zaiontz of ZEE Systems @ 800-988-COOL for more information.

P.Z.L. M28 Skytruck
ZEE Systems, Inc. has been selected by P.Z.L. to design an air conditioning system for the M28 Skytruck. The Polish built commuter airliner is designed for short to medium routes and is operated in some of the worlds most rugged environments. First article delivery was in June 2000. Eleven aircraft will have been fitted with this air conditioning system by June 2001.

Electrostatic Spray Systems
ZEE Systems, Inc. is working with Spectrum Electrostatic Sprayers, Inc. of Houston, Texas on the STC for an electrostatic spray system for airborne agrcultural spraying. This unique patented application method puts an electrical charge of up to 15,000 volts on the chemicals at the spray nozzle. These charged particles then passively seach to find the opposite charge or neutral. Plants are neutral. So in effect the sprayed chemical searches for the plants. This significantly reduces drift and increases the coverage of the chemical on the crop. Contact Blake Dobbins, Spectrum Electrostatic Sprayers www.spectrumsprayer.com for more information on this product. FAA STC approval pending.

P-3 Orion
ZEE Systems, Inc. has provided Aero Union an air condition/heating system for their P-3 Orion fire fighting aircraft. The conditioned air (cold or heated) is ducted to the two crew members.

Frequency Filter for Ag-Planes
ZEE Systems, Inc. has developed a frequency filter for evaporator blower motors. This filter is easy to install. The filter is now undergoing field testing. The filter will be available in Kit P/N: SZ63K002. Cost is $40.00 USD.

Solid state temperature controls, sensors, electric soft-start, electric heating capability in the evaporator continues our trend of new product development and technology. We have complete design, prototype, and custom and production run manufacturing capabilities.

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