Quality Info

New Vendor Information:

Our quality system requires that we accomplish surveillance on our suppliers and/or vendors. While we may not purchase the products you manufacture directly from you (we may purchase from a distributor or dealer) we must insure that you, as the OEM, have a quality system in place to insure adequate manufacturing and quality procedures.

If you have your own quality system description form please feel free to supply it in place of this form. If you have current approval, certification or registration with ISO, QS, ASQC, ANSI, FAA, EASA or some other recognized standard we will accept that approval.

You may complete the form using one of three methods.
1. If you have ELECTRONIC SIGNATURE capability, fill the form out online including your electronic signature. You cannot save the information on the form. If you want a copy for your files you must hit the PRINT button before you hit the EMAIL button.
2. Fill the form out online. Then hit the PRINT button at the top of the first page. Sign and fax the form to 210-349-9208.
3. The hit the PRINT button at the top of the first page. Then fill in the form by hand. Sign and fax the form to 210-349-9208.

When completing the form please use page three for explanations for any NO responses. Please answer all questions. Mark N/A to those that do not apply.

Supplier Audit and Evaluation Form

Quality Information Response:

We at ZEE Systems, Inc. understand the importance of maintaining current files on approved vendors and suppliers and the need to periodically perform evaluations and quality audits. We have developed this Quality Information Response “Self Audit”. The information in this “Self Audit” covers all areas regarding our quality controls and procedures. The Quality Information Response “Self Audit” document is updated as changes are incorporated into our quality system.

This prepared Quality Information Response (QIR) document may be downloaded for your evaluation. Please click on the link below to download this QIR document. We realize that you may have additional questions and comments, please feel free to contact Mr. Kevin Zaiontz at 210-342-9761 or by e-mail at [email protected].

Quality Information Response Form

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